let's run away

Ronni, 19, Paris.

I queue a lot so i'm sorry if I've reblogged something you posted/reblogged ages ago.

I spent today at the beach in the sun, chilling out with three of my best friends and it was perfect - we swam, we made a dam in a small stream and we ate amazing fish and chips that made it a real day at the seaside :)))

plus, the guy i had a crush on for two and a half years (until about 4 months ago) admitted to our friend that he regrets never having made a move on me, yaaaaaaay go Ronni.

it was literally the perfect day and we didn’t come home until the sun was setting so driving back was beautiful and oh my, i love days like this. it makes all the work i’m doing at the moment worth it.

"regardless of the whole fibre of being thing, you'd need to thank him for getting you through some of the hardest parts of your life?"

yeah, i’m going to thank him for every thing but I want to say something memorable :)


okay so the possibility of me meeting gerard way rather soon has appeared and i haven’t got the FAINTEST IDEA WHAT THE HECK I WOULD EVER SAY TO THAT MAN (apart from yelling at him for the “everything past the black parade went against every fibre of my being thing he said and i don’t think yelling at him is a sound idea.)

what would you say to him if you could?